Master Arkadiy

Master Arkadiy Nepomnishy. His journey began at the age of 9 years old in St. Petersburg, Russia. At that time, practicing martial arts was prohibited by the government of communist Russia. He moved to a neighborhood where there was a lot of fighting going on, his father tried signing him up for different activities but because he was so small and skinny they would not take him. Even ping pong school denied him and said he had no physical ability and talent. At the same time very few martial arts schools existed and they were underground with very limited membership and availability because it was illegal. It was a criminal offense to practice martial arts. Through his friends his father found an underground martial arts school, he took young Arkadiy there and asked the master of the school to take him in. However Master refused because he did not accept any children, his father was persistent and Master agreed on one condition, that his father would join as well so that Master would not have to waste his time dealing with a young kid. Very quickly, Arkadiy became fanatical about Taekwondo. He worked on toughening his mind and body trying to excel in the art. He was the only kid in the class at the time and had a hard time keeping up. He spent many classes in the locker room with his nose or mouth bleeding from sparring. After about a year Master allowed Arkadiy’s father to stop coming and allow Arkadiy to come by himself. After the fall of communist regime in Russia in late 80’s, martial arts schools were emerging all over, and it was no longer illegal to practice anymore. Competitions were taking place and young Arkadiy started participating in numerous competitions. During his studying in Sea University in St. Petersburg Russia, Master Arkadiy recalls “All I remember is studying, training and competing.” In 1992, Master Arkadiy and his family immigrated to United States. It was very hard to match the high standards that were set by his Master in Russia and to find a school to train and to teach. Master Arkadiy continued to compete in every tournament he could find while working as in instructor in various schools throughout Central New Jersey. He has achieved many state champion titles throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well as National Karate titles and East Coast Champion as well. He struggled to find a school that would match the high standards and teaching that his Master had and eventually realized in order to do this, he would have to open up a school of his own. In the summer of 1999, Taekwondo Elite was first opened up in Hillsborough, New Jersey. This was the beginning of the American Dream, the school very quickly became a success, reaching 300 members and in 2003 became one of the Top 10 best schools in the state. Master Arkadiy had a strong following for many years thus a strong team of instructors and devoted Taekwondo practitioners; this enabled him to open up a second school in North Brunswick, New Jersey in 2006. The school was an instant success and recently has doubled in size due to the high demand and popularity of Taekwondo Elite’s program. Master Arkadiy continues to teach all of the classes because of his love for the art. “I love Taekwondo, teaching children and adults and bringing out the best in them giving them the tools to stand up to any challenge and live a more fulfilling life.”