Faranak Aminifar

Master Faranak Aminifar was born in Iran which is very famous for Taekwondo, Iran has held first and second places in world Taekwondo championships for many years. She began her Taekwondo Training in 1995 with the Asia Gold medalist. Since 2003, she’s been teaching Taekwondo for all ages. As a result of training with Iranian national team members, she obtained so many valuable experiences that she now teaches to her students. Also, while living in Iran she attended Aerobic classes and successfully earned an instructor degree.

In June 2009, she moved to the United States with her husband and daughter. After settling down, she tried to find a job, and after visiting numerous martial art schools, she met Master Arkadiy at our North Brunswick location, and his view of learning and teaching Taekwondo impressed her a lot. Master Faranak grew up in a family which both of her parents were teachers, and she fell in love with teaching at a young age. Her parents raised her to be a giver and helper as much as she could; also they taught her to be patient while teaching as well. Teaching and guiding students are Master Faranak’s passions. She loves to help students to gain confidence. Now, she teaches Taekwondo and Kickboxing at Taekwondo Elite which she considers her second home, and she is so proud of being a member of this martial arts school. Besides of teaching, Master Faranak is a recent graduate of RVCC and currently studying full time at Rutgers University, all the while being a mother, whose daughter loves to practice Taekwondo too! Through her hard work and dedication, Master Faranak is determined to achieve her life’s biggest goal, which is to become an educated instructor, so she can help her students to discover their potential and become successful people both inside and outside the Taekwondo School.